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school of the heart

God has a dream, and you are in it. We are summoning all who want to walk into the streams of the Holy Spirit's fierce love. Creative leaders, wounded soldiers, freedom seekers, millennial vagabonds, artists that don't belong, give nine months of focused attention to healing, rest, equipping, incubating, risk taking, releasing gifts, and stretching faith. Sanctify your restlessness. Become who you are. 

Stone to Flesh is a school for young adults 18-35 where your heart will be crafted according to His image and purpose. It will form a tribe of people who dedicate themselves to the passionate pursuit of Jesus' heart. You will experience God deeply and the encounters with Him and others will heal and release your heart into new levels of trust and hope. A new rhythm of life, new community bonds, and reaching out to those who stay hungry for new beginnings will elevate your expectations on your walk toward wholeness. You will experience God's love in intimate and collaborative moments and you will be immersed in the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

The school's foundational character is Catholic but all Christians are welcome. 

We will awaken the giant through our obedience. 




Becoming who you are in Christ: beloved sons and daughters of the father, disciples of Jesus and dwellers in the Holy Spirit. 

Deep communion with the Holy Spirit releasing supernatural charisms, boldness and commitment to the infusions of grace. 


Missional and transformational Book of Acts lifestyle centered on JEsus, engaging creatively the current culture.

Kingdom based and relational community building with biblical leadership principles based on the tradition of the church. 



We do not provide accommodations for Stone to Flesh School of the Heart. It is formatted mainly for people who live in the Los Angeles area, have living arrangements situated and are ready for the immersion of the School of the Heart experience while continuing their daily lives. If you wish to relocate to the Los Angeles area for the duration of the school, go for it but we are not able to assist you at this time. 



Tuesday Heartbeat bi-weekly (3 hours) in Azusa, CA



Tuesday Gatherings bi-weekly (3 hours) in Pasadena, CA


ministry school

One Saturday monthly (7 hours with lunch) 



Friday monthly event (3 hours) in various locations



Special events: conferences, trainings, outreach. 



Personal daily commitment (30-60 min)


Next Session: Oct. 27

On location in Pasadena, CA and ONLINE


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ministry school instructors



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