internship missionary application process:

We consider only people who:

Graduated from School of the Heart


Are willing to relocate, attend School of the Heart while serving as Internship Missionaries  


1. Application  

Application fee is $25 per person. It is nonrefundable and non­transferrable. After applying you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a live or Skype qualification conversation.


2. References

We ask for references from two people who are not your family, the best is someone who knows you well: your church leader and a friend that is not family.  


4. Confirmation

An E-mail with confirmation of finalizing your application will be sent to your account. You will receive a proposed date for an in person or online interview.

5. Acceptance

After receiving your Application and References, you will be informed within a week about your acceptance or decline to the STF SOTH. If accepted, you will receive:

  • An agreement form with your commitment to be signed

  • Password for Student Assignment and the list of needed books

  • An access to the private FB Group for all students in year 2019/20

  • Information about your scheduled payment

  • Login information to the online database

  • first day of SOTH is Sept. 8 but check the calendar tab for events happening prior to the school's opening. 

A ‘yes’ from a small town girl enabled the incarnation and salvation of the world. 12 weeks ago I said ‘yes’ to God and I tear up as I look back at the person I was before beginning Stone to Flesh. Not only has MY life changed, but I am able to see the way it has changed the lives of those around me. Stone to Flesh has given me the tools to help the people around me say yes to Him and I know that this is only the beginning of God’s graces.
— Fabiola Acosta, 2017/18 student