Only love is creative
— Maximilian Kolbe

We are a tribe of women participating or related to the Stone to Flesh School of the Heart who want to walk fiercely in the Father's love, submitting to the movements of the Holy Spirit and submerging our hearts in the mercy of Jesus. Through prayer, sharing intimately about our dreams and the reality, supporting each other's paths and sinking deeper into the creeds of our faith, we want to bring back the sense of wonder, wisdom and creativity to the world robbed of passionate love. We are foremost beloved daughters of the Father, and only from there we identify ourselves also as leaders, moms, creatives, wives, entrepreneurs, healers, visionaries and missionary disciples. We dream that no Catholic woman will feel alone, unsupported or isolated in her life.


Who is this group for?

CAFE is for young wives and moms (roughly 18-35ish), including single moms and divorced women.

How often do you meet?

Twice a month on Fridays before noon. 

Childcare for CAFE group will be available for a fee: $10 per one child and $15 for two for the duration of one meeting. The environment for the CAFE meetings will be fluid, ie kids are welcome to linger in and out of the meeting space and we welcome their joyful expressions in the midst of us. 


Personal relationship with God and holiness, relationships and seasons in marriage, family dynamics, Theology of the Body in depth, what does it mean to be a Catholic feminist in the modern world, parenting, how to evangelize my kids in the current culture so they can engage it fiercely and teach them to walk in the Spirit and more. 


Who is this group for?

CAFE SOLO is for unmarried women. 

How often do you meet?

For March - June 2018 we will meet once a month, on Thursday evening. 

What topics will you discuss?

Personal relationship with God and holiness, relationships and their dynamics, femininity and creating a culture for Catholic feminists, Theology of the Body in depth, discernment. We will address and pray for the brokenness, past hurts and traumatic experiences, expecting the power of the Holy Spirit to dramatically heal the areas that are in need of wholeness. We do not offer therapy or prolonged counseling. We will challenge each woman to create her life creatively and we will support her passions and ideals by developing a community of trust and belonging. 

What do I commit to by joining?

You are committing to your sisters in Christ in the group, not to the program. After initial participation in three meetings you will be asked if you feel like you belong and want to continue. 

What will you do during your CAFE meetings?

We will share our lives, discuss various topics, eat brunch and pray with and for each other. 

Will you use any books for study?

The Bible and probably some books but the reading will be rather light.

How much does it cost?

As for now, it is free. We ask for voluntary (no pressure) potluck dishes and items.

Who will be leading the group?

The facilitator for this group will be Iwona Bednarz- Major, the co-founder of Stone to Flesh and MajorChange but everyone will be able to shape the outlook of the group. Her Polish upbringing, leadership experience in leading various faith communities and missionary (Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA) lifestyle, combined with 13 years of homeschooling will serve the needs of the group. 

Craving to connect and build friendships with other young moms or single women?

If you are interested in starting CAFE or CAFE SOLO Group in your area, CONTACT US


CaFe stands for Catholic Feminists, in case you wonder.  The icon of Hodegetria (She Who Shows the Way) is a reminder of our holy feminism which always points to Jesus.