community faqs

Is this a church?

It’s a Catholic community.

How do I join?

You belong whenever you desire to stick with us. You can express your desire to be more involved to one of the HEART COR leaders. 

What does it mean to belong to StF Community? Do I sign something?

You give all of your possessions to the community. JUST KIDDING! Whenever you realize you belong with our tribe, one of our Heart COR leaders will talk to you and see what are your expectations and desires. We suggest all to go through our DISCIPLESHIP PATH. You may join one of our DIAKONIA Ministry teams right away, unless some pre-requisits are set up. 

What kind of commitment are you demanding?

We do not demand anything. You should feel ready to try to stick with our Community Rhythm, no matter how 'advanced' spiritually you consider yourself. All saints have past. We start when you say YES and we go from there.

Can I join if I stopped going to church and I doubt many things I have been told by my church leaders or clergy?

Yep, We have VIP seats for you. We want you!

I am a practicing Catholic, do I have to go through Alpha?

We want everyone to experience the benefits of Alpha. You may be eligible to be an Alpha helper. 

I want to come but I do not know where to start!

Show up at one of the Gatherings on Tuesdays and we will go from there. If you are looking for something close to your location, see Community Hubs