Community rhythm

Prayer and Sacraments

We pray and receive sacraments so the life of Christ can flow in our veins. We help you develop consistent life of prayer that will draw you to His Presence and plug you into the Body of Christ. You should feel responsible to design your own daily time of prayer according to your needs, possibilities, spirituality, state of life and current situation. 

Lectio Divina

We expect that you will start your journey with the Word by praying (read, meditate, pray, contemplate, activate) the Scriptures on a daily basis. We will accompany you in your journey of discovering how to renew your mind through the Word. 

Spiritual Reading

We recommend that you would spend min. 20-30 min daily on spiritual reading. Suggestions are found on our Resources page. 

If you are Stone to Flesh School of the Heart or Ministry School student, you will receive weekly Assignments for Lectio Divina and Spiritual Reading. You can also refer to our Resources page for great books for Spiritual Reading. 

Thunder - Prayer meeting

We are aiming at covering each HUB in prayer by having a weekly prayer meeting in each one, thus eventually having daily Stone to Flesh prayer meetings in various locations. For right now, we pray weekly at Azusa, Santa Ana, South El Monte HUBS.









Bi-weekly Gatherings on Fridays are a time of praise, sharing testimonies, preaching and teaching from the Word and ministry time. First Fiday includes Adoration which is is our life line. This is when we worship extravagantly and unreservedly. 




ministry school:

Ministry School happens one Saturday a month, 9am - 4pm, where we invite you to dive deeper into to life of a disciple by learning from great apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers. We highly recommend to sign up for each Ministry School (four monthly sessions) to secure a spot. So far we conducted Prophetic School and Healing and Deliverance School and in the fall’19 we are preparing for an Evangelization School.

Life groups:

This is where the the tribe becomes a community: we go beyond the surface and build close relationships leading to communion with each other by sharing, praying, interceding. Life Groups meet seasonally and weekly at the HUBS.

All Stone to Flesh School of the Heart students must participate in Gatherings. Life Groups are optional for them as they have their own Encounter Groups meeting bi-weekly during Tuesday Heartbeats.

Financial Giving

All people identifying as Stone to Flesh Community members should give sacrificially to the causes that God puts on their hearts. Catholics do not have a vibrant culture of giving and most Catholics give scraps not the first fruits. We will learn what does it mean to live a simple lifestyle, fast frequently and contribute to the Community's fund which will be used for community expenses (separate from STF School of the Heart). You may set monthly donation or give check or cash during our monthly Mass. Yearly financial report will be available to all contributing members of a community. How much should I give? You should give sacrificially, remembering of your financial priorities to which regular Starbucks should not belong. :-)

All Stone to Flesh School of the Heart students participate in Ministry School and Adorations.







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Yearly retreat for Stone to Flesh Misisonaries - Recuperate in the Presence. 


We join in four seasons of fasting duirng each year: Nativity Fast, Great Lent Fast, The Apostles Fast and The Dormition Fast. Make at least one your super-priority. 

All Stone to Flesh School of the Heart students participate in two fasts and have their own retreat.