Format overview

Personal commitment to freeing spiritual disciplines that include growing into frequent sacramental reception and daily prayer, Lectio Divina and spiritual reading, weekly holy hour, fasting 1-2 days a week, keeping monthly memento mori day and walking in faith, expecting power encounters on a daily basis. Daily support through Facebook group. 


Monthly ministry school

Once a month, 7 hours with lunch, 9 am- 4 pm. Praise and worship and Liturgy of the Hours, Teaching and Equipping tracks, Activation (practicum), Afternoons with Ministry and Creative Workshops and Projects, exclusive Video Training and Q&A with leaders, artists, authors, evangelists.



weekly Tuesday sessions


Tuesday Heartbeat

Bi-weekly (3 hours). Community building: we are going after a place where you will feel that you are known and accepted, and then challanged to enter into the fullness of who you are in Christ. We desire for spiritual friendships which will overcome loneliness, anxiety, fear. 

  • Praise and Worship (30 min)

  • Teaching / Practicum/Activation (60 min)

  • Break (10 min)

  • Encounter Groups ( 45 min: sharing, accountability, prayer, guided discussion)


Tuesday gathering

Bi-weekly (3 hours). Open to all. All who want to start building community based on authenticity, acceptance, and expecting the supernatural presence of God working daily in our lives, but cannot participate in Stone to Flesh, can show up at our Tuesday Gatherings.

  • Interactive Bible/Topic study (60 min)

  • Praise and worship (30 min)

  • Break (10 min)

  • Discussion, conversations, meal & chill (45 min)


Monthly Adoration

Students of Stone to Flesh lead an event focused on bringing young adults from the area for an evening of encountering God's love, worship, community building.  


Community (1 hour)

  • Common meal and conversations

  • 20 min talk

  • Sharing or life stories

  • Kerygmatic in focus

Adoration  (1.5 hours)

  • Silence

  • Praise and worship, Taize chants

  • Lectio Divina

  • Ministry time

  • Chanted Night Prayer

After party (1 hour)

  • Creative, innovative, enjoyable

  • Choose vibes: classic, poetic, urban party, interactive, cinema divina


Special events

Open to all. Conferences, Cinema Divina, outreach, outdoor meet-ups, 24/7 prayer blasts, all night Pentecost vigil, Via Lucis, 6 day El Camino Real walking pilgrimage.