Healing and Deliverance School: Jan - April 2019

Ministry School are monthly equipping session preparing you to walk in the Holy Spirit. We treat it not as technique or skills classes but as comprehensive approach to learning how to live Christian life according to Jesus’ teaching. Each Ministry School consists of four monthly sessions with a lunch break.   

Monthly all day Saturday sessions (9 am - 4pm) with lunch, practicum, activations, Q&A, ministry time:

Other teachers will be announced soon.


Deliverance and life in freedom.

February: physical and Inner healing

Connection between physical and inner healing. Healing through prayer, therapy and counseling, community, fasting, creativity - what’s the best way to get healed and become true self?

March: HEALING and wholeness OF PERSONS AND the question of suffering

Does Jesus want us to suffer? What kind of suffering in redemptive? Can I be free while suffering? Stages of life and suffering and freedom. Includes same sex attraction and gender topics and wholeness of persons.

April: Spiritual warfare

Renewing of mind. Angels, demons and the past. Fighting for justice. Healing of families and societies. Means of spiritual warfare; declaring love.


The Little White Church

434 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena, CA 91107


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