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Keith and Iwona Major are founders of Stone to Flesh Community, School of the Heart and MajorChange non-profit. They have been missionaries in Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and USA since 1991. Keith comes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Iwona was raised in Wroclaw, Poland. They have three kids: Teah, Kevin and Sophie.

Ministry experience:









Iwona’s Experience:

One of the founding members and leaders of Hallelu Jah Catholic Community in Wrocław, Poland (which now belongs to the Catholic Fraternity, a private association of Christian faithful of pontifical right). Training and discipleship in leadership, performing arts, praise and worship, liturgical music, schools of ministry and prayer. 

Attended Papal Faculty of Theology (Pontificia Facultas Theologica Wratislaviensis) in Wroclaw, Poland. 

YWAM Disciple Training School student and teacher. 

Occupation: ICU and Anesthesiology nursing. Worked five years before entering full-time ministry.

Ecumenical experience includes: City wide pastoral engagement and ministry across denominational lines since 1990's. ELLEL Ministries training in healing and deliverance. Organized March for Jesus in Poland.

Community and city wide worship leading (from small groups to big events such as conferences and stadium events) and worship team leadership in Poland and Russia.

Translation, live (consecutive and simultaneous) and written: English/Polish/Russian/Ukrainian. She translated worship songs and Taize soloist parts into Polish and these are used nation-wide.

Established and developed curriculum for Bible studies for kidsyouth, young adults, adults, women and home schooling and community classes: Spiritual Reading, History of the Church and History of Philosophy. Polish language and culture/history classes.

Creative Visionary: She is a visionary for Stone to Flesh Community. She is creating and developing curriculum for STF School of the Heart and Ministry Schools. She is developing leadership and missionary pathways, trainings and equipping. She is a Graphic Designer for Stone to Flesh and manages all social media accounts.

Keith’s experience:

In June 1991 at 21, Keith sold two successful businesses and moved to Moscow, Russia as a missionary / church planter within the Soviet Union. He was first sent overseas by Bethany World Prayer Center and then by Vineyard International. Ordained at 25, pastored and co-founded three ecclesial communities in Russia and Poland and helped develop Christian fellowships in the Arabian Peninsula.

Taught English as a Second Language and Business English at Berlitz in Wroclaw, Poland and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and at the British Council and Qatar University in Doha, Qatar as a way to reach young adults and business professionals.

Implemented LIVE 24/7 international television broadcasts, in partnership with GOD TV, and trained 40 media interns in video production as Media Director at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri.

After reverting back to the Catholic Church in 2010, was tasked to grow Steubenville Conferences annual attendance from 36,000 to 50,000 attendees in four conference seasons as Director of Marketing and Media at Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he also studied graduate theology.

In 2015 established MajorChange as a 501(c)3 and coordinated several large ecumenical events in partnership with the International House of Prayer and TheCall.

In 2016 relocated to Los Angeles and co-founded Stone to Flesh School of the Heart; a leadership, discipleship, evangelization, equipping school for adults in the San Gabriel Valley.


Ministry areas, skills, and positions in Poland, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and USA:

Leadership and developing leaders by teaching and training in the Biblical, spiritual, personality and psychological aspects of leadership through apprenticeships, specialized seminars for youth, young adults and adults; and through relationship.

Administration: All aspects of event creation, planning, and organization in a wide variety of settings, including ecumenical events across all denominations (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox; Pentecostal, Evangelical, Charismatic and historical) and many Christian groups: YWAM, March for Jesus, domestic and international mission trips, IHOP-KC visits, Taize events, local prayer meetings and leadership meetings. Seminars and conferences (20-3000), international transportation and distribution of goods to serve the homeless and people in need, Organization of cultural events: balls, traditional folk arts, cooking. Organization of fundraising events.

All aspects and modes of evangelization: street, city-wide, parish. Kerygmatic preaching, testimonies, training in one-on-one evangelization, outreach to family and friends and team leadership in evangelization. Occasional prison ministry.

Teaching, spiritual discernment, deliverance and healing ministry.

Evangelization follow-through, leading to forming discipleship- and missionary-oriented communities. Small groups and their leadership development, including creating content and implementing materials into organically grown communities. All aspects of initializing, assisting: content, themes, writing, designing, assessing, leading, training. Missions in Eastern European post-Communist and Muslim countries (Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar). Missionary team training.