Michael Ramirez

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Immediate needs: laptop, phone (if you would like to donate new or used, contact: michaelramirez@stonetoflesh.org)



  • Zion Household for Men leadership

  • San Gabriel Region Pastoral Council member

  • bi-monthly Open Table outreach at Urban Mission

  • monthly Special Needs Mass

  • annual Tecate Mexico Outreach

Michael is the Director of School of the Heart - Pasadena. He is a revivalist awakening hearts to God's reality. Together with San Gabriel Valley leaders, he has diligently worked toward making space for the Father’s will in the life of the Church.

He is the founder of “Oceans of Mercy.” Michael was the Young Adult Minister at St. Denis - Diamond Bar from 2014/18 and the Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation at OLA - Claremont from 2018/19. He is currently on the San Gabriel Region Pastoral Council and Discipleship 21 team.

Pierced by the penetrating love of the Trinity, Michael is immersed in the creative mission of the Redeemer to heal the broken hearted, release the captives, and declare peace in every eternal moment. He keeps Shabbat holy.

Proclaiming the open door of heaven on earth in Christ, he envisions freedom for all God's people.