Our connection to and centeredness on God in three Persons is central and fundamental in everything we attempt to do, starting from and ending with. It's a non-negotiable value we build everything on. Without prayer Stone to Flesh makes no sense as this is the only way we can move forward. We connect with Him, receive from Him, delight in Him, waste time on Him, break bread in His presence, ask Him to confront the dark places in our hearts and the world from the place of humble docility and meekness. We consecrate time to enter into the space before His throne room and we cultivate an attitude of daily worship.



we are after His presence

Stone to Flesh (stonetoflesh.org) is hosting monthly evenings of Adoration during GATHERINGS with prophetic, extravagant (means: total in dedication and abandonment) praise and worship, silence, Taize chants, prayer ministry and chanted Night Prayer (Compline). Adoration is the main prayer meeting of our Community.

Worship is LOVE given without any reservations.



Stone to Flesh Community one hour long prayer meetings in HUBS are called THUNDERs. We worship the Lord, sing His Word, intercede for our community and the work God has entrusted us with. The format is flexible. Locations: Azusa, Riverside, Santa Ana.


intercession teams

Intercession teams pray on locations twice a year.

24 hours for the Lord

24h long non-stop prayer meeting during Lent.