As we are entering into a new season at Stone to Flesh Community, School of the Heart and MajorChange ministry, we find ourselves in the tender moment of trusting Jesus again.

We have found a donor who will match dollar for dollar all monetary gifts given till the end of December 2018. We are asking you to prayerfully consider joining our mission of healing the brokenhearted, equipping believers, and releasing disciples.

What has happened since we moved to Los Angeles in August 2016?

We have transitioned as a family from Steubenville, OH to the greater Los Angeles area; as well as sent out our oldest daughter to attend the University of Wroclaw in Poland.

In July 2017, we organized an ecumenical young adult conference called ‘1witness’ for 500 attendees at Azusa Pacific University.

In September 2017, after a discerning process with Bishop David G. O’Connell, (an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles), we started Stone to Flesh School of the Heart, the first Catholic School of the Supernatural Ministry in the US which is currently in its second edition this year.

In May 2018, we launched our Stone to Flesh Community which is now serving ten locations through evangelization, prayer, discipleship, ministry training, social justice services and leadership development, collaborating with two religious orders, several parishes, and young adult ministries in our area in bringing the Good News of Jesus to Southern California.

Since August 2018 our Community’s ministry with 17 volunteer missionaries who have full time jobs, is reaching around 100 people locally (not counting first or second time visitors and mercy outreach) monthly on a fairly consistent basis through our School of the Heart, Ministry School, Gatherings, Adorations, Alpha, Marriage Courses, Community Dinners, and Life Groups.

We also organized the Southern California Renewal Communities (SCRC) Young Adult Conference in September 2018.

Keith and Iwona Majors FUND:



Covering basic life expenses in Los Angeles for our family, ministry resources plus ecumenical efforts and travel. (The cost of living in Azusa, CA is about 50% higher than anywhere else in the US and housing is 2.5 times higher). The house we are renting is used for the bulk of our ministry activities.

Stone to Flesh Community Missionaries FUND:



Releasing three of our current Stone to Flesh missionary volunteers into full-time ministry in preparation for expansion. It will cover about 50% of their needs and they will raise the rest on their own.

Stone to Flesh Evangelization FUND:



Reaching out to the poor, unchurched, nones, and post-Christians.

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All donations are tax deductible.