ZION is a household of adult Catholic men sharing life by communal living, praying and serving together under the Household Rule. The desire to refocus their lives and become fathers to the generation plundered by fatherlessness has brought them together in this experimental season of discerning their future while giving themselves unreservedly to Jesus in their particular and common call. Their desire is to bring new life where death takes toll, release people to freedom, and to shower abandoned hearts with the merciful love of the Father. By walking boldly in the Spirit they are creating a community of brothers on mission to reach the prodigal sons and the older brothers who became workers and lost their vision of sonship. They will create a space of mutual submission where missionary discipleship lifestyle is prioritized according to the Gospel and the Holy Spirit's leadership. They bring years of experience in spiritual oversight and leadership, creative expressions in presenting the Good News and zeal to see the revival spread in the Los Angeles area among Catholics. 


Current members of the ZION Household who are Stone to Flesh Community members:

Cord Dorcey

Cord Dorcey

Vincent Munoz,  Stone to Flesh Missionary
Michael Ramirez,  Stone toFlesh Missionary

Michael Ramirez, Stone toFlesh Missionary


What kind of commitment each of the household members has to make?

They commit annually and follow the Household Rule which includes common prayer and expectations for common life such as chores and finances.

Can the rule be changed?

The proposed Household Rule is a working document and is being tried out. It can be changed, after discernment process by all of the members of the household.   

How many men will live in the household on the permanent basis?


Will the household members conduct any ministry together?

Yes, this is one of the reasons they live together. Although most of them have full time jobs and all of them are involved in serving in different capacities around the area, they will undertake new responsibilities at the household and form new creative initiatives.

We envision establishing new mode of living for single young adults for the time of their vocational discernment, temporary ministry internships that would follow communion aspects of building new Book of Acts small communities. 

Will they be advised by any clergy?

Bishop David G. O'Connell, auxiliary bishop of the San Gabriel Region in the Los Angeles Archdiocese will be their main advisor.  Majority of the men are already closely connected with him in various ministries. 

Where is it located?

ZION is located in South El Monte (Spanish for 'the mountain'), one of the cities in San Gabriel Valley (east of downtown LA) historically known as the end of the Santa Fe Trail. The building they are renting is an old convent on the Epiphany Parish property, which belongs to the San Gabriel Valley Pastoral Region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 

How is zion affiliated with Stone to Flesh?

The affiliation comes from relationships built among Stone to Flesh COR team. Vince Munoz and Michael Ramirez are full time Stone to Flesh Missionaries. Cord Dorcey and Michael Ramirez are the leaders of ZION.

ZION is an autonomous entity tied to the Stone to Flesh community and its leaders by mutual friendship and trust. Mutual cooperation and collaboration will develop even deeper once all the men adjust to the new challenges of living together. 

You don't have to be a part of Stone to Flesh Community to become a resident at ZION.

What kind of cooperation is there between Stone to Flesh and zion? 

Weekly THUNDER Prayer meetings.

GRIT Life Groups for Men.

What will be expected from interns of stone to flesh who will live temporary in the household?

Following of the Household Rule and becoming interns of MajorChange/Stone to Flesh while fulfilling their Stone to Flesh student course. They will have the privilege to live with exceptional young men who are involved in the ministry on the parish, regional, diocesan and national level, and have an opportunity to be discipled by them as well as being involved in daily ministry challenges, gaining the experience in engaging the current culture, running religious non-profit, apostolic and prophetic pioneering in expanding the power of the Gospel.