ALPHA @Stone to flesh

take time to seek happiness and meaning

winter 2020


What is this about?

Search for life's deepest meaning and examine your happiness. Explore Christianity and Jesus. Meet likeminded seekers who try to figure out what this life is all about. No question is too dumb and you can share your point of view on anything without feeling isolated.  It lasts ten weeks and eighth week we take you to the Fri evening - Sat afternoon weekend retreat.


winter 2020 (Feb - march)






What's the cost?

The course is free.

Suggested donation for food per session: $5. You may donate money for meals below or during the session but do not feel obliged:

Alpha Weekend

Alpha 24h weekend is happening on the 8th week (Fri night - Sat. late afternoon) and costs approx. $90. Contact Keith of you can not pay the whole sum:


Who is invited?

Anyone 18 years old or older who wants to gather for ten weekly meetups and one 24h Alpha weekend. Friendly :-) atheists, agnostics are welcome. Spirituality seekers and other religions or philosophical systems explorers, people looking for change in their lifestyle. Anyone who has not been to church for a long time because they do not know how to go back. Anyone who feels condemned, has been hurt or rejected by the church. Anyone who can not find their place among 'organized religion' structures. All are welcome!


Each meetup:


Simple Meal

We provide a simple meal and awesome mood in a friendly and informal atmosphere. 

Tired after work or school? Come to unwind and connect with other seekers. 


short film

We watch 20-25 min film. The range of topics presented in them is vast but they all focus on discovering what is needed to have a happy and fulfilled life. 

We guarantee that you will not be bored!

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We exchange our opinions and views on topics presented in film. You may ask any question and the non-judgmental atmosphere will help you in presenting your point. 

We aim to listen to your story and to get to know you, the real you.  


Since February 2017 we have conducted Alpha in Azusa, Hollywood, La Habra, La Verne, Sylmar, Riverside, West Covina. If you are interested in hosting Alpha in your home, parish or organization, and would like to invite our Alpha Team ofr training or/and conducting Alpha, contact:




What’s after Alpha?

Life Groups!

Life Groups are seasonal weekly or bi-weekly meetups in one of Stone to Flesh HUBS. Click to find out what kinds of Life Groups are meeting in your area:


life groups