evangelization ministry school

Jesus calls us to a radical lifestyle of trusting Him more than any other voice resounding in the world today. He is not calling us to make converts but to make disciples, those who are following Jesus out love love, in freedom, in totality. Evangelization is simply becoming witnesses of His never ending goodness, compassionate care, supernatural power and redeeming love and sharing this transforming experience through words and actions. Changes have to be made, schedules have to be rearranged, priorities have to be rethought if we are to become serious about bringing people through the thresholds of reasonable doubts, comfortable existential distances, and if we are to posses the mindsets and feet of being send out.

Stone to Flesh Evangelization Ministry School is focusing on understanding of the challenges and learning practices of living as witnesses of Jesus. The school requires involvement in outreaches and activations.


September 14: Evangelization of kindness

10am - 4pm with lunch

In the book, “The Ten Most Influential Churches of the Past Century” by Dr. Elmer Towns, he names the 100 most influential churches and leaders that have done something different that will challenge the Church. The Cincinnati Vineyard church, launched by Steve, was listed as the 15th most influential of this past century because of the ‘kindness evangelism’ practiced by the church members. Steve’s first book, “Conspiracy of Kindness”, has been translated into several languages with more in the works. His first book has sold over 300,000 copies. Currently, his books have sold over 500,000 copies.

Steve has been nicknamed, “The Godfather of Servant Evangelism”

Steve will lead a teaching session and practicum.

Sign up for one or all four sessions (SOTH students do not need to sign up).

We will be watching videos and sharing in Groups of how to build a culture of evangelization:


NOVEMBER 16: Telling the story of God in a personal, compelling and creative way.

DECEMBER 14: Supernatural in the natural - doing it Jesus’ way.

JANUARY 18: Evangelization in a post-Christian culture.


Schedule may vary slightly from month to month.

10:00am Intro

10:10am Praise and Worship

10:30am Session

11:15 Practicum

11:45 Coffee Break

12:00 Creating the culture of faith sharing (pre-Alpha series training)

12:20 Groups

1:00 Lunch

1:45 Prep for outreach

2:00 Leave for outreach

3:30 Feedback from outreach

4:00 The end

Every participant will be asked to participate in outreach on the day of the session and will have possibility to join Stone to Flesh Community and School of the Heart in various outreaches from Sept. till January:

  1. Urban Mission (poor and post-incarcerated) in Pomona.

  2. Parish retreat in Huntington Beach in October.

  3. Skid Row Outreach (homeless) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

  4. Street evangelization in various places.

  5. After being trained in Alpha Course you will be strongly encouraged to join Stone to Flesh team for Alpha course in various locations around Los Angeles in Feb-March 2020

Accompanying book: Christianity for Modern Pagans by Peter Kreeft

Pascal is the first postmedieval apologist. He is ‘for today” because he speaks to modern pagans, not to medieval Christians. Most Christian apologetics today is still written from a medieval mindset in one sense: as if we still lived in a Christian culture, a Christian civilization, a society that reinforced the Gospel. No. The honeymoon is over. The Middle Ages are over.The news has not yet sunk in fully in many quarters.

It has sunk in to Pascal, He is three centuries ahead of his time. He addresses his apologetic to modern pagans, sophisticated skeptics, comfortable members of the new secular intelligentsia. He is the first to realize the new dechristianized, desacramentalized world and to address it. He belongs to us.
— Peter Kreeft