Ministry School

Ministry school are monthly equipping session preparing you to walk in the Spirit. We start with Prophetic School and will follow with Evangelization, Creative (Worship, Liturgy, Arts), Healing and Deliverance, Leadership, Holy Spirit and His Gifts, Bible, Community Building (we do not know the order yet). Each Ministry School lasts five months. You do not have to be the Stone to Flesh School of the Heart student or alumni to participate but we do have a DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY that we propose to those who are set on their spiritual development, having in mind that BECOMING is a relational process done in a community of mentors and brothers and sisters, and not just passive listening.  

To keep the environment conducive to interacting personally with the teachers and instructors, we have limited space. If all the spots will be filled you will be put on a waiting list. If you register for all five sessions you get a 10% discount and you reserve your spot for all five sessions. I WANT IT!

The fee for the Ministry School is included in Stone to Flesh School of the Heart payment. 

Monthly all day Saturday sessions (9 am - 4pm) with lunch, practicum, activations, Q&A, ministry time:

August 18: Wounded Healers - Prophetic art freeing hearts - Audrey Assad and 

September 22: Song of the Heart (Song of Songs - the way to Jesus' Heart) - Cheryl Allen and 

October 27: Hearing God's Voice (Revelatory gifts: words of knowledge, words of wisdom, discerning of the spirits, prophecy) - Shawn Bolz and a Carmelite sister

November: Renewing of Mind - Releasing of Heart (Spirit of prophecy, prophetic prayer) - British dude?

December: Personal and Communal Discernment (includes vocational, state, career, ministry discernment - what's God's will for my life) - Anthony Lilles

Slapping 'prophetic' on anything and everything doesn't bring any more credibility, interest or reliability to what some people wish. Other words that could/should be used: discernment, insight, understanding, wisdom; because trust me, most of the time it's not a new revelation but your engagement and receptivity that enables the grace to penetrate your mind, heart and body and bring a release that feels quite revelatory.

Prophetic is more than that. It is more about transferring the heart of God with the same (as much as possible) emotional, verbal and spiritual force as it is given to you and with which you are prompted to respond. In our Prophetic School in Fall 2018 we will learn how to receive, incubate and release the Word, not just the information, partial knowledge or snobby spectacularity. To become a carrier of the Mover's Desire is to become The Word's lover, Spirit's follower and Father's servant. We will learn from the mystics who had to deal with their personality traits, past and ecclesial situations that would drive many to quit this deal.

We will learn about how creativity depends on talent, grit and renewal of the mind as well as breaking hearts open and figuring out how to surrender in rebellion and in times muted by the passivity of the Voice who calls us in. 

Things will happen.

Blood with resurrection atoms will rush through your veins and you will be drunk on the new wine. Suffering is inevitable but the waterfall of never-ending closeness will calm your wounds and you will be ok. 

I remain the image of your inexpressible glory, even though I am wounded by sin!
— Byzantine Funeral Liturgy

Spiritual Reading: The Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin and corresponding Study Guide

Spiritual Reading Schedule and Lectio Divina Schedule