stone to flesh

Invite us to your parish, bar, young adult ministry, neighborhood, prayer group, school, college, home, organization, street or religious community to minister in any capacity described below. We will work closely with you by taking care of the advertising, gathering and leading the whole event. Our main purpose is to provide a platform for an encounter with Jesus in a wholesome atmosphere with expectance of the supernatural power of God invading hearts. 

Click below to invite full-time or voluntary Stone to Flesh Missionaries:

Adoration in Pasadena

Adoration in Pasadena

Retreat in San Bernardino Mountains

Retreat in San Bernardino Mountains

Adoration or worship event & Community Building

  • Adoration. That's the gravity point for the whole evening where we aim to encounter Jesus in silence, praise and worship, Taize chants, ministry time, Lectio Divina, chanted Night Prayer.

  • Worship event. One time prayer meeting with ministry teams and a specific focus (prayer, renewal, repentance, healing, worship, evangelization etc.)

  • After-party: Community building. You provide the meal and we set the post - Adoration event with a 20 min talk with practicum, testimonies and bonding conversations that will set the tone for the spiritual engagement.


Parish Mission:

  • 2-3 evenings or weekend parish mission. We take care of most of the details. Our focus, forms, and topics can range widely.


  • Training your Alpha parish or community team in hospitality in the post-Christian landscape for society and conducting Alpha courses

  • Consulting during and post-Alpha course


  • Lead weekend long or longer retreat for parish, young adult group, youth group, organization or community;

HUMANUM Course  in Santa Ana

HUMANUM Course in Santa Ana


We conduct course for your parish, young adult group, married couples group or organization.

Alpha (ten week long course exploring faith in a non-judgmental and non-religious context)

Marriage Course (seven weeks long course for married or living together couples, focused on communication, building the fundaments of Christian family)

HUMANUM Course (six weeks long course on complementarity, building philosophical and spiritual background for marriage)

Lectio Divina (four weeks long course on how to pray and hear God’s voice)

Spiritual Reading (online - coming soon)

1witness Young Adult Conference  in Azusa

1witness Young Adult Conference in Azusa

conferences and intensives

  • Invite us to organize and coordinate conference for your parish, organization, young adult ministry, youth group

  • If needed, we provide: marketing, branding with an online presence, talks, worship, ministry teams (including training)

  • We organize conferences (for a wider audience) or one day intensives (for people ready for more than the basics) with teaching, prayer, activations, praise and worship and ministry time:

    • Healing Intensive

    • Deliverance Intensive

    • Prophetic Intensive

    • Evangelization Intensive

    • Prayer Intensive

Discernment  Training

Discernment Training

Ministry Team   Training

Ministry Team Training

Sacramental prep

  • Invite us to your youth group or Confirmation Prep Group, RCIA, Baptism class.

  • We will customize our presence according to your needs but our focus is evangelization and experiential exposure of the Holy Spirit via kerygmatic preaching and ministry in the Holy Spirit.

  • We provide on topic interactive teaching, music, testimonies, Q&A, small groups, prophetic and healing ministry plus prayer in order to evoke hunger for the encounter with the Holy Spirit.


MInistry teams TRAINING

  • Training. We will meet with your core leadership group to recognize the needs and to discern our participation in your ministry. We provide teaching in: prayer, healing and deliverance, identity in Love, evangelization, leadership, community building and many more. We come mainly as speakers, mentors.


CAFE Women Ministry  in Pasadena

CAFE Women Ministry in Pasadena

INVITE US FOR CONSULTATION WITH YOUR evangelization or ministry team, youth or young adult MINISTRY LEADERS

  • Keith and Iwona come with one or several Stone to Flesh leaders to meet with your ministry's core leaders to help you in moving your ministry forward.

  • Phase I: Initially we observe & discover, pray & discern, converse & listen. Length: one event participation and 1 hour initial conversation.

  • Phase II: We suggest spiritual, leadership, formational and relational improvements. Length: Ranging from a minimum of 2 hours, to several meetings, if you want to move to total rebranding or discerning the future in strategic ways.

  • Phase III: We stay in contact as advisors or mentors, if needed. We collaborate and serve with your ministry in the area.