stone to flesh missionaries

We are contemplative activists who are in Love. Our existence starts and ends in God’s Presence where we are held by Glorious Father’s will, we are being transformed into the likeness of the Pierced Son and we walk in the Spirit Who is Holy.

We Live in Communion

with Trinitarian God who is the source of all.

We live in Community

with others who recognize Stone to Flesh as their home.

We live being Commissioned

to the world to become witnesses of Jesus.

Full time Missionaries

are funded 100% by your generous support. Become a HEART SPONSOR and get stuff.

Donate here by choosing Missionaries: Keith & Iwona Major

Keith and Iwona Major

Keith and Iwona have three kids.

Keith pursues the expansion of God’s Kingdom. He is an evangelist gathering tribes of pioneers.

Iwona creates space for people to realize their dreams in God. She is a prophetic worshipper, an apostolic visionary and a provoking teacher.

They launch forerunners to their mission and unite the Body of Christ. They have been missionaries in Europe, Middle East and USA and are Co-Founders and Directors of Stone to Flesh Community, School of the Heart and MajorChange. READ MORE

Donate here by choosing Missionary: Vincent Munoz

vincent munoz

Vince desires to see deeper conversion in the hearts of many. He is a witness of Jesus’ Presence.

He is Music Director at Stone to Flesh. READ MORE

Donate here by choosing Missionary: Michael Ramirez

michael ramirez

Michael envisions freedom for all God’s people in Spirit and Truth. He is a revivalist awakening hearts to God’s reality.

He is Director of Stone to Flesh School of the Heart in Pasadena. READ MORE


Each missionary follows Jesus in His way of

  • prayer, silence and contemplation, communion with the Father through the Spirit

  • studying, meditating, praying and living the Scriptures

  • works of power and miracles

  • preaching, teaching and proclaiming the Kingdom

  • living in a nuclear family, household or neighborhood

  • being present and available to their immediate community

  • building and mentoring a community of disciples

  • entering into the Paschal mystery of the cross and resurrection

  • releasing the Spirit to the brokenhearted

  • seeking to unite the Body of Christ

thus becoming more like Him every day. Each missionary spends about 40-45 hours weekly on their mission (not including personal devotional time). Once a week all missionaries spend four hours together on prayer, training and sharing a meal.

To become a full time missionary at Stone to Flesh Community you need to go through nine months training at the School of the Heart and an Internship phase.