Gatherings are free and open to all, main Stone to Flesh Community bi-weekly meetings where we connect, pray, grow and interact. A typical gathering includes: praise and worship, testimonies, message, ministry time, CAFE, GRIT, ENCOUNTER groups with refreshments, chill (conversations, Q&A).


FALL'18 Series: Song of Songs

Draw me after you, let us run together! - Song of Songs

Deep conversion requires deep prayer. Deep prayer requires deep desire. We will go on a journey to the Father's heart. This series will burn you, strip you, expose your lack and your only hope. It is the beginning of all understanding how to hide in the garden of your Beloved.


Watch the teachings on the Song of Songs:


Location and time:


The Little White Church

434 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena, CA 91107

Because the Church is communion, the new ‘basic communities’, if they truly live in unity with the Church, are a true expression of communion and a means of construction of a more profound communion. They are thus cause for great hope for the life of the Church.
— Pope John Paul II