The Married Couples Life Group meets seasonally for weekly session in Santa Ana. We want to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other as well as to get to know other couples so we can carry our burdens together.



Six week series HUMANUM Course explores the dynamic of man-woman relationship, the meaning of love and marriage. During each week we watch beautiful and engaging short films as the intro to our discussions and times of prayer. HUMANUM series were made for the Vatican's colloquium under the title “Humanum: The Complementarity of Man and Woman”.


Session 1: The Destiny of Humanity: On The Meaning of Marriage

Session 2: The Cradle of Life and Love

Session 3: Understanding Man and Woman

Session 4: A Hidden Sweetness

Session 5: Challenge and Hope for a New Generation 

Session 6: Marriage,Culture and Civil Society 

Session 7: Community Dinner

What can we expect?

Potluck meal and sharing (30 min).

Short talk or video and discussion (60 min).

Prayer, praise and worship and ministry time (30 min).

Marriage is the key of moderation and the harmony of desires, the seal of a deep friendship… the unique drink from a fountain enclosed, inaccessible to those without. United in the flesh, one in spirit, they urge each other on by the goad of their mutual love. For marriage does not remove God, but brings all closer to Him, for it is God Himself who draws us to it.
— St. Gregory the Theologian