Elements of Formation

Whereas discipline without discipleship leads to rigid formalism, discipleship without discipline ends in sentimental romanticism.
— Henri J.M. Nouwen


Expected hours of involvement


Expected Days of involvement

During this year you will be formed by your personal and communal prayer and study, by discovering the balance of spiritual and human disciplines handed down by the wisdom of the Church, by teaching, training, and equipping offered by great instructors, by relationships with other students, and by ministry. 


Formation in Spiritual Life:

  • Rooted in the Word of God and the teaching of the Catholic Church

  • Evoking spiritual response to the surrounding culture

  • Personal development based on the greatest teachers of Catholic spirituality

  • Growth in personal and communal prayer life: daily Lectio Divina and spiritual reading, participation in Sacraments, Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration, communal charismatic and traditional forms of prayer.

  • Development of spiritual discernment

  • Practicum in developing natural and supernatural charisms in the service for the Church

  • Lectio Divina: Psalms, Gospel of Mark, Acts of the Apostles


Formation in Liturgy:

  • Simple chant

  • Liturgy of the Hours

  • The Paschal Mystery


Formation in Pastoral Theology:

  • Discipleship

  • Identity and formation of laity

  • Faith and Reason

  • Evangelization: biblical, pastoral, practical.

  • Forming of communities of faith

  • Mercy and the Catholic social teaching


Formation in Intellectual and moral Life:

  • Daily Bible reading and studying

  • Beatitudes

  • Catechism study of sections regarding revelation and faith, Christology, prayer, sin/grace/redemption, Christian life, Trinity, Holy Spirit, charisms, sacraments, ecclesiology, eschatology


Human Formation:

  • Theology of the Body

  • Basics of anthropology, metaphysics and personhood

  • Relationships

  • Vocations

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Creativity and arts

  • Freedom and society



  • Church, parish, community of faith, family.

  • Ecumenism

  • Early Christian initiation, catechumenate in history of the Church and now

Every mystery of life has its origin in the heart.
— Hans Urs von Balthasar

weekly topics




Quarter 1: 48h plus retreat

Tue, 08/04: Gathering (3H)

Gathering: Draw me, let us run together.

Fri, 09/08: Banquet (3h)

Sons and daughters of the Father, disciples of Jesus, dwellers in the Holy Spirit. 


Tue, 09/11: heartbeat (3h)

Human heart. Metanoia. Intimacy. Personal revival.  


Fri, 09/14: Adoration (3h)

 Joel 2

Tue, 09/18: Gathering (3h)

Song of Songs: I am dark but lovely.


Sat, 09/22: prophetic school (7h)

Prophetic Worship.


Tue, 09/25: heartbeat (3h)

Authentic Lifestyle. Rhythm of Life.


Tue, 10/02: Gathering (3h)

Song of Songs: And His banner over me is LOVE.


Tue, 10/09: heartbeat (3h)

Gift of the Holy Spirit.


Fri, 10/12: Adoration (3h)

 I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine.

Tue, 10/16: Gathering (3h)

Song of Songs: And His Banner over me is LOVE - Banquet.


Tue, 10/23: heartbeat (3h)

Sanctifying Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Sat, 10/27: prophetic school (7h)

Catholic Prophets



Song of Songs: Prayer.

Holy Spirit


Quarter 2: 47h plus outreach

Tue, 11/13: Heartbeat (3h)



Sat, 11/17: prophetic school (7h)

Discernment of the spirits. Discerning God’s will.


Tue, 11/20: Gathering (3h)

Song of Songs: Prayer. 


Tue, 11/27: Heartbeat (3h)

Holy Spirit’s charisms.

Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 (retreat)


Ministerial Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Tue, 12/4: Gathering (3h)

Song of Songs: Prayer.


Fri, 12/7: Adoration (3h)


Tue, 12/11: Heartbeat (3h)

Charisms of the HS


Sat, 12/15: prophetic school (7h)

Prophetic Prayer and Intercession


Tue, 12/18: Gathering (3h)

Song of Songs: Prayer.


Tue, 1/8: Heartbeat (3h)

Renewal of the mind. Spiritual Warfare.


Sat, 1/12: healing and Deliverance School (7h)


Tue, 1/15: Gathering (3h)

David: A Man After God’s Heart








The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of... We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.
— Blaise Pascal



Quarter 3: 71h


Sat, 01/13: Heartbeat (7h)

Evangelization in the current culture: new or old? 


Tue, 01/16: Gathering (3H)



Tue, 01/23: Heartbeat (3h)

Discernment in Evangelization.


Fri, 01/26: Adoration (3h)

One faith. #makeusone


Tue, 01/30: Gathering (3H)

Bringing people to Jesus or

Bringing Jesus to People?


Tue, 02/6: Heartbeat (3h)

Intercessory Prayer practice

Tue, 02/13: Gathering (3h)

Kerygmatic preaching

Sat, 02/17: Heartbeat (7h)

Alpha Training


Tue, 02/20: Heartbeat (3h)

Sub-Track Groups, Alpha feedback

Tue, 02/23: Adoration (3h)

One Hope.


Tue, 02/27: Gathering (3h)

Up, In and Out. Creating the culture of discipleship.

Tue, 03/06: Heartbeat (3h)

Stages of Discipleship, Belonging and Commitment


Fri/Sat, 03/9-10: 24h for the Lord (24h)


Tue, 03/13: Gathering (3h)

Evangelizers or Influencers



Quarter 4: 68h


sat, 03/17: Heartbeat (7h)

Evangelization: The Day After


tue, 03/20: Heartbeat (3h)

Relationships and Intercession


Tue, 03/27: Gathering (3h)



Tue, 04/03: heartbeat (3h)

Spiritual Friendships


Fri, 04/10: gathering (3h)

Spiritual Friendships


Tue, 04/17: Heartbeat (3h)

Is it real?


Sat, 04/24: gathering (7h)

Creating the culture of encounter


Tue, 04/27: Via lucis (3h)


Tue, 05/01: Heartbeat (3h)

Leadership and community building (mission, vision, values, strategy, culture)

Tue, 05/8: Gathering (3h)

Star Wars Leadership


Sat, 05/12: Heartbeat (7h)

Leadership: Don't give up (Risk, Anointing, Cost). Team Building. 


Tue, 05/15: heartbeat (3h)

What's next? Vision for STF Community. 

sat/sun, 05/19-20 (4h): Pentecost vigil


Tue, 05/22: gathering (3h)

Vision Day

Fri, 06/15: commissioning (4h)