From God the Father


I received these words and images during a prayer time at a Stone to Flesh meeting. I believe they are meant to be shared with everyone.

“From God the Father to a newborn baby…”

I loved you as a child…

I loved you as my child….

I loved you before I separated the cord…

(I also got a sense of an image of a father in joyful anticipation with arms wide open to receiving a baby being born as this was said.)

Then I got an image of a Father lovingly making promises to the newborn baby along with dreams and blessings for the baby. The father was lovingly looking at the baby in wonder in his arms fast asleep as he was walking the baby around the room.

I promise to be faithful

I promise to care for you

I promise to never ignore your hurt

I promise to teach you

I promise to always love you

I promise to never  abandon you

I promise to keep you in my heart

I promise to never give up on you

I promise to cherish you

I promise to nurture you

I promise to be always eager to listen to you

I promise to help you

I promise to carry you in my arms when things are too heavy for you to carry

I promise you my protection

I promise to heal you

I promise to seek you when you are lost

I promise to bring you home


I dream for you to be happy beyond your wildest imaginings

I dream for you to dance for you

I dream for you to be full of my peace

I dream for you to have beautiful desires

I bless you as my chosen child

I bless you with my gifts

I promise to daily bless you with a renewal of these gifts

I bless you with laughter

I bless you with dreams

I bless you with giggles and smiles

I bless you with my love


I promise….I dream….I bless….

ProphetsJillena Wismer