Last Day


In Stone to Flesh School of the Heart we are practicing 'last day' of the month, a discipline that focuses on thinking about the Last Things,: death, judgment, heaven or hell. 

Death is a punishment. Death was not the intention of the Father. Death followed dis-communion. We've had it all but now we can't see, hear and feel clearly.  We live in a distorted reality, in which we recognize hope but dimly. The struggle is to love with the pure intention and action.  

But death is also a passage. It starts with goodbyes, heartaches and tears, but it ends in the Heart of All Hearts. It is possible to start living in this Heart even now. Try it.  

I know that you will bring me to death,
and to the house appointed for all living.
— Job 30:23
PrayerIwona Bednarz-Major