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Nothing of importance happens fast. God’s 'suddenly' takes years of preparation, doubts, transformation, dying, failure, disappointments, opposition, distractions. That’s why ‘cool’, although flashy, has a short life span and will always lose with ‘wise’, which is quieter but sustainable because it carries the anointing of steadfast love tried by suffering, self-inflicted stupidity, immaturity, egoism and years wasted on illusory pursuits of grandeur.

When we build Christianity around events without a fundamental understanding of the depth needed to be transformed, we create the culture of instant disappointment bc we promise life without necessity of death, progress measurable by the certainties without the necessity of fighting for inner freedom until blood gushes out, spectacularity of gifts without necessity of incubating and cherishing God’s life which is the Holy Spirit Himself living on the inside of us.

Power hunger without humility will lead only to event-based Christianity which ends up always and only with lights, smoke, big words and puny character as the Way has not penetrated our minds and the Mystery has not found its place in our hearts. The process forming one's reality of dwelling in the Presence is unavoidable and there is no fast track or an alternative route but only through our own fears, lack of faith, comfort, ambitions, and a heart divided and broken.

Yet the darkness will not overwhelm those who stand at the threshold of the vast world of the Kingdom opening its billows to those who decide to move forward no matter the cost. The pain, the facades, the current affairs, the novelties, the latest greatest are nothing to them who face Christ daily and drink their identity only from Him who holds the promise of the Father: I have conquered death so you can have a life. Don't waste it on someone else's story. Yours will be life-altering and will bring that part that no one else is able. Go forth. It's your turn. Don't sell yourself cheap and fast. Cling to Me and, for goodness' and beauty's sake, do not give up. 

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