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Cafe: In the Image of God (Week 3)

  • MajorChange 656 East Mandevilla Way Azusa, CA, 91702 United States (map)

Bring your engagement photo(s)!

We are starting six week series called IN THE IMAGE OF GOD where we will explore the dynamic of man-woman relationship, the meaning of love and marriage. During each week we will watch beautiful and engaging short films HUMANUM as the intro to our discussions and times of prayer. HUMANUM series were made for the Vatican's colloquium under the title “Humanum: The Complementarity of Man and Woman”.

9:45 Arrive and situate the kids
10:00 Brunch, conversations and short film “The Destiny of Humanity: On the Meaning of Marriage” (18 min). The ancient, organic, and timeless design of man and woman has been revered across all cultures throughout human history. There is a singular wisdom and beauty of this complementarity that “fits” with the universe. The family, founded on marriage, is our first school in what it means to be human, how to love, to seek communion with and be a gift to another person: man for woman, and woman for man. This relationship between man and woman—including their sexual union and its fruits—is the very “grammar” of society.
10:30 Intro to the topic, discussion
11:15 Prayer and ministry time
11:45 Announcements
12:00 The end

Childcare will be available for a fee: $10 per one child and $15 for two kids. Please, register your child(ren) ONCE for the whole series and indicate the dates you need childcare for:

Brunch: feel free (no pressure) to bring a simple dish to share:

We are a tribe of women participating or related to the Stone to Flesh School of the Heart who want to walk fiercely in the Father's love, submitting to the movements of the Holy Spirit and submerging our hearts in the mercy of Jesus. Through prayer, sharing intimately about our dreams and the reality, supporting each other's paths and sinking deeper into the creeds of our faith, we want to bring back the sense of wonder, wisdom and creativity to the world robbed of passionate love. We are foremost beloved daughters of the Father, and only from there we identify ourselves also as leaders, moms, creatives, wives, entrepreneurs, healers, visionaries and missionary disciples. We dream that no Catholic woman will feel alone, unsupported or isolated in her life. Read more HERE.

Why are we doing it? Because we long for frequent real life connection, sisterhood, support and breakthroughs in our daily lives. Because exchanging of opinions is not enough. Because inspiration without digging deep and praying through issues is not enough. Because we long for the fullness of Jesus’ reward to be poured out NOW. He died so we can live and we want to breath His Spirit into our circumstances, families and our destiny.