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Gathering: Who do you say that I am?

  • Little White Church 434 North Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA, 91107 (map)


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Gatherings are free and open to all, main Stone to Flesh Community bi-weekly meetings where we connect, pray, grow and interact. A typical gathering includes: praise and worship, testimonies, message, ministry time, Encounter Groups with refreshments, chill (conversations, Q&A).




Based on the Gospel of Mark.

Week 1 (Aug. 23) SELF-CARE

Week 2 (Sept. 6) INFLUENCE

Week 3 (Sept. 20) BELONGING

Week 4 (Oct. 18) SUCCESS

Week 5 (Nov. 8) MYSTERY

Week 6 (Nov. 22) LEGACY

Your mission is Jesus.
Jesus of the outcasts and those who belong.
Jesus of the church and the excluded.
Jesus of the sinners and of the righteous.
Jesus of the poor and those who say they are fulfilled.
Jesus of the suburbs and the homeless.
Jesus of the cool and of uptight.
Jesus of the cardinals and street preachers.
Jesus allowed and forbidden.
Jesus of miracles and dark nights.
Jesus of the traddies and those who sing in tongues.
Jesus of the golden Tabernacle and the smelly streets.
Jesus of the entitled and of the lacking.
Jesus of the banned and of the celebrated.
Jesus of the post-Christians and of the martyrs.
Jesus of hearts and universe.
Jesus of the doubtful and the apologists.
Jesus of the Democrats and Republicans.
Jesus of those who mourn and of those who sleep through it all.
Jesus of the philosophers and of the theologians.
Jesus of the sick and of the healed.
Jesus of the immigrants and expats.
Jesus of the obedient servants and rebellious
Jesus of the cultural influencers and of the mindless followers.

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