Pioneering is very lonely. It's a constant battle with your own inadequacies, total trust in the promises and the vision of God with absolute abandonment in Histiming and leadership while carrying the cross of continual inner and external tension. It is always being steps ahead and leading others through the Red Sea and listening to their longings for onions and garlic when you are living already in a promised land and so their paradigm has not moved into yours yet and often the desire to walk through the desert is not even established in their outlook on life. The prophetic insight has to be received (communion), has to die (the process) and has to be resurrected (transformation) in those who follow on God's terms and the end of it is always unknown because you can not make it happen, you can only offer the transfer of real life.

It is lonely because you do not have anyone beside you when you need to pave the way. You have to be misunderstood, omitted, questioned, you have to be resisted and tried, often not trusted and left alone because of the call for totality.

It is lonely because when they finally enter the promised land and put a banquet after banquet, they think it is their personal effort that put them there. They do not remember the years of the call, they are submerged in the NOW. So your joy is in relinquishing of your grit and seeing the fruit for which you will not be gratified as your words seem like an echo in a distance of forgotten ideas. Your only reward has to be the One who Never Forgets.