Identity Manifesto


WE ARE DWELLERS IN THE FATHER'S LOVE being provoked to sustain each other's hunger.

WE ARE WOUNDED HEALERS WHO TRUST JESUS' TOUCH and are not hiding the doubts of our weak hearts.

WE ARE CREATIVE SEEKERS, FINDING THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE because His touch is hidden and manifested in mourning and in thrill.
WE ARE PIONEERS ON THEIR WAY TO HEAVEN living in a missionary community in the Los Angeles area.

identity manifesto

We are not into events per se because we have nothing to impress you with and never will unless we will surrender and walk in complete freedom. We don’t have cool music, we don’t have super room, we don’t claim super-natural effects unless He decides to show up. What we have is a tribe of wonderers determined enough to stick together until we try this thing called Christianity where Jesus must convince our minds, hearts, emotions, to leave everything behind for this onething which we can not find nowhere else. We are building a fire to stand around and tell stories of His arrival. Check us out:

Do you belong?