Correct vs. Right

Correct is the base. Right is the design. 

Correct is the shore. Right is the sea.

Correct is the prescribed. Right is the launch of freedom. 

Correct is political. Right is personal. 

Correct is the letter. Right is the Spirit.

Correct is flat. Right is 5D. 

Correct is the brain. Right is the heart. 

Correct is the march. Right is the dance.

We do things that are correct but they are not right. Doing the correct things we inherit from the system that trained us into living the life we do as prescribed formula that should resolve situations, dismiss the doubt or clarify the issue at stake yet if we are not in tune with the Spirit, we miss it by maneuvering through life holding on to the correctness by the book that does not resolve much and does not bring neither life neither freedom. Think of people who try to make everything correct yet they miss the point altogether and tire everyone around. They are those who always try to explain and use reason but end up with correcting empty air left after everyone already moved to another room.

Doing the right thing is the cure for the malady of the pharisaic right-ness and starts with seeing with the eye of the heart. It emerges by accepting that every person’s uniqueness is calling for a wonderment and respect of their journey. The core of right starts with the landscapes of creative and personalized accompaniment, listening and recognizing that correct is nothing else than pride veiled in self-righteousness.

Those who chase you with correctness are mostly living in their deep egotistic personas or mostly out of fear. They are rigid and boringly predictable, without space for the wonder of wisdom. Those who say, do and emanate right are poets and prophets, bc poets are prophets, and they live in freedom of seeking at the edges of the known to bring forth the Unknown.