There are no shortcuts


I practice Lectio Divina which is praying the Scriptures, daily. It is part of our Stone to Flesh Community’s Rhythm. Today’s Mass readings in the Catholic Church are connected to Mary Magdalene. During Lectio Divina you read, meditate, pray the Scriptures as the first movements which prepare you for listening. Here is the fruit of my meditation for today:

You can not have a resurrection (breakthrough) without death. If you would, and some manufacture that skillfully, you do not grow, you just skip the most important class and you will not graduate bc your experience has to try your theory.
Cross comes before the resurrection then.
Also, cross without resurrection doesn't make sense. We just do not know how long it takes to resurrect what is dead bc some people avoid the cross and some avoid death and want resurrection as a smooth passage from the boat of Galilee to the empty tomb.
It takes 30 years to prepare for the cross bc Love demands it all. It takes 3 days to resurrect bc Life can not be contained.
Do not avoid the cross, ask for it. The sooner you die, the sooner you will resurrect. When you do not have any cross to bear, ask for it, for the marks of the cross stay forever as the signs of victory not shame. They also show to whom you belong, they declare your identity in Jesus, not in yourself, not in your self-improvement or your self-development.
Everything before the cross is flesh. Everything after the cross is a new creation.

All apostles and disciples were in the flesh while they followed Jesus. 
Yes, they healed the sick and cast the demons out after which they got a soft rebuke aka exhortation to be more happy that bc of knowing Jesus and following Him they have a chance to make it. 
They were close to the Rabbi, whose influence grew rapidly in the land and His fame was growing exponentially, as He was perceived as the 'next new prophet' aka TED speaker for the masses tired of the oppressive government and religious fractions of the day. 
But they did all in the flesh bc the Holy Spirit was not graced to them yet. They were not ready to receive the cross bc they were scared to death to even witness their beloved Teacher hanging on it. They were scared to death after His death and were not ready to see Reality with the new Rabbouni. Jesus chose as His 1st witness a woman who was supporting Him from the beginning stayed by His cross and came to His place of death despite the threads of associating with the rebel, heretic. The apostles, the ones who ate, sat, slept, walked with Him for 3 years were not chosen bc they were in the flesh and tried to rationalize their flesh. Mary Magdalene started a contemplative lifestyle already and could perceive in hope that Love has to win, no matter the human outcome.

They became ready to go to the cross only after Pentecost and all of them except one ended up there for the greater glory of God. Only then they became capable of walking in the Spirit and seeing beyond the veil.