the dormition fast

August 1-14


The dormition Fast focuses on the process of sanctification and our eternal hope. 

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being changed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.
— 2 Cor, 3:17-18

We bring the kingdom of heaven on earth by our total and radical agreement with the promises of the Father of which Jesus is the fulfillment. It starts when we say YES and release the Holy Spirit given to us by following His promptings. Whether in times of prosperity or lack, health or sickness, breakthrough or stillness, we want to be awakened to the movements of the Spirit on our hearts and start living in a reality where heaven touches earth, starting with our inner man. 


According to the early Christian tradition, the Dormition Fast was celebrated since 4th century. It cherishes Theotokos (God-bearer, Mary), an example of an earthly life centered on Christ and being taken to the Trinitarian presence at the end of her life. One of the celebrated traditions during this fast included processions with the relics of the Holy Cross where many healings and miracles took place among those who came to touch it. The fast ends with the Feast of Dormition (Eastern tradition) known also as the 'second Pascha" and as the Feast of the Assumption (western Tradition). 

Pray for revival, renewal, clarity and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our lives, our families, churches and cities. 

Early Christians practiced four fasts yearly: Nativity, Lent, Apostles and Dormition. Today, mostly Eastern Christians (Orthodox, Eastern rite Catholics, Antiochian, Copts) still observe all four. The Dormition Fast always starts on Aug. 1st and lasts till Aug 14th. On Aug 15th we celebrate the Feast of Dormition (Assumption). 

The fast in August [Dormition fast] was established in honor of the Mother of God the Word; Who, foreknowing Her repose, ascetically labored and fasted for us as always, although She was holy and immaculate, and had no need for fasting. Thus, She especially prayed for us in preparation for being transported from this life to the future life, when Her blessed soul would be united through the Divine spirit with Her Son. Therefore, we also should fast and praise Her, emulating Her life, urging Her thereby to pray for us. Some, by the way, say that this fast was instituted on the occasion of two feasts—the Transfiguration and the Dormition. I also consider it necessary to remember these two feasts—one which gives us light, and the other which is merciful to us and intercedes for us.
— St. Symeon of Thessalonica
He, indeed, assumed humanity that we might become God. He manifested Himself by means of a body in order that we might perceive the Mind of the unseen Father. He endured shame from men that we might inherit immortality.
— St. Athanasius of Alexandria (296-373 AD)


Pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in aligning your life with the purpose of God. 

Pray for the sanctifying gifts of the Spirit to bring you to the revelation of who you are in Christ. 

Pray to see the invisible motions of the Mover, hear the silent voice of the Speaker, move in the rhythm of the Sacred Heart. 

Spiritual reading and lectio divina

Follow daily Mass readings. 

Join our MajorChange Fasting Fb Group for support, reflections, prayer requests, recipes and more. 


Pray for the way in which you may give sacrificially during the Dormition Fast. Give your time, energy or money. Give yourself to others in need. 

P.S. Consider giving to Stone to Flesh Community for its apostolic mission. 


Fasting resources

webinar, books, articles, podcasts, blogs



The guidelines of the fast:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: abstain from eating meat, dairy, fish, oil, wine and its products. 

MON & WED & FRI: eat only uncooked meals with restrictions as above

SAT - SUN: you may have wine and oil but keep other restriction

August 6 - FEAST of Transfiguration: Fish, wine and oil are permitted.  


Fasting should be done after personal discernment, consultation with spiritual director and/or a doctor, in case you have some health issues. 

Can the Dormition Fast be modified? Yes, there are several types of fast. 

1. Water fast: you drink only water throughout the whole fast. 

2. Liquid fast: you drink only water, veggie broth, herbal teas and highly diluted juices. 

3. Daniel fast: as in the Book of Daniel chapter 1, you eat only vegetables, including juicing or as in the Daniel chapter 10, you eat vegetables, fruits, grains. You drink only water and herbal teas. 

4. Abstinence fast: you abstain from certain kinds of foods, like in the Dormition Fast, and you moderate the amount of food you eat. 

If Mary is believed to be assumed into heaven, it is because we too are one day, by the grace of God, to dwell where she is. If human nature is glorified in her, it is because God desires it to be glorified in us too, and it is for this reason that His Son, taking flesh, came into the world.

In all the great mystery of Mary, then, one thing remains most clear: that of herself she is nothing, and that God has for our sakes delighted to manifest His glory and His love in her.
— Thomas Merton

August 15

The Feast of Dormition (Assumption of Mary) is full of herbs and flowers bouquets. Decorate your church or home, send us photos and we will post it on our social media!